White Shirts For Women

White remains a key color in the summer your fashions, to motivate and joy of recovery in your view. In spite of his charm that does not wear off, many women feel reluctant to wear it, being a color defects, opening the body may appear and distorts the entire View, if you did not improve his choice.

Some fear wear white in general and white jeans in particular, because of the nature of climate change, which infested dirt, dust, which refers to white trousers built during the period of a simple, but there are a set of rules to keep the jeans from damage, dust and dirt

For the summer with a view of sparkling white color, we offer you some practical tips

1. Choose your underwear painted Sarcoma

This color helps you to get a homogeneous fashion, as the proximity to the skin color underwear does not show details, and makes your view sober and decent. Although White was the most appropriate option for clothes and linen in the past, this concept has changed today, the possibility that white underwear be transparent, and should not cover the required parts of the body.

2. Where you should to wear The White?

Do not put white on the areas that you feel in your body that it is full (chest, buttocks or legs ...) because it reflects light color, blue more full. And you can, in turn, choose full costume white contributes to show the body longer, or the introduction of this color to your view partial way that makes them more distinctive.

3. Stay away from White Sox

Avoid wearing white socks, they make tall appear shorter than it really is, except if you're a nurse or a bride. The White Sox does not suit women with short stature or medium or those with an increase in weight.

4. carefully before choosing White Shoe

White shoe fashion worthy of the separation of summer, but you attention, white shoe make football look like larger size, and reduce the length of the man, which in turn affects the shape of stature, and makes you look shorter. So we recommend that you CHOOSE shoes that contribute to lengthening the two men, and the replacement of the white shoe shoe painted flesh.

5. Avoid white color in a wedding party

If you were not the bride, or one of the very ones relatives, do not CHOOSE white to decorate the entire your view, your presence during the wedding party. But you can wear  suit with a white shirt bright color. The white color custom color for the bride, nor should its rival, replicated in the day featured.

In the end, if you who are not white, you can replace colors of derivatives, Kaja or syphilis or psoriasis. If you are an amateur View which this color, you'll the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing views in the hot season, especially if committed these tips.

Hide bra down clothes

Certainly suffered from before, when you wear blouses with wide collar, from the emergence of the bra, which would be awkward at times. To avoid this the next time, in wear blouse shoulders when provided with high-Bk-basin then pass it in the bottom of the bra and  looks in the picture. You can also hide the suspenders from behind by assembling clips securities.

The idea of ​​non-sliding zipper pants (zippers)

If you are having trouble sliding pants zipper zippers or whether the poor quality of its kind or full of weight, you can follow a simple trick is to use a loop medal and then enter the zippers comments about the episode pants button.

To remove stains caused by deodorant

To get rid of the white lines and spots caused by deodorants on the clothes, Stalemate for children wet wipes, they process and have a magical effect to conceal these disturbing signs.

Yellowing of clothing as a result of the treatment of race

Sometimes sweat causes the yellowing of the concerned parts of the private clothing white color such as the armpit and the bottom of the collar, and to treat or avoid this to happen in the future, you can yank Spray lemon juice on the clothes before washing. Here also is the most important tricks and tips when washing clothes at home.

To remove chewing gum adhesive costumed

In the case of adhesion gum pieces in your clothes, I passed by a cube of ice even freezes and easily skimmed and removed the knife completely.

To increase the breadth of pants tight jeans

It is known that trouser jeans increasing breadth The more worn, but in tight pants old jeans case as a result of the increase in weight, you can increase the breadth through but narrow with hot water areas, then wear it and walk him for half an hour in parts of the house with the work of the sports movements such as exercise (squatting), so that helps to stretch the canvas. Then leave the pants dry completely and then repeat the same process which is dry. Then you'll notice the ease in .

The first rule: Shorts jeans with a white get dirty quickly, so when you clean it does not put it in the dryer only, but in the open or under the sun the air.

The second rule: do not wear long boot neck with white jeans, and instead wear jeans wheaten color.

Third rule: to get rid of spots attached to him, put cold water on the spot and then the amount of white vinegar or lemon juice in addition to cleaning compounds consisting of rust removers or of special materials with white color.

The fourth rule is: clean pants by boiling water a little Bates and washing powder, Venus, then add the soaked trousers for a few minutes then rinse in the normal way.  

The fifth rule: the basic defect that appears with white pants or obesity is filling the lower part of the body. The higher the long pants, the better so that up to the ankles or slightly longer either white short pants make the body is full and better stay away from them.